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First report is Aug. 2012, followed by HOA property list, then 2009 review.

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All cited lack of performance for HOA [Home Owners Association] management continue & has retrograded from poor to untenable.Note that G3 provides HOA property management, the subject of this review. This is for condos individually owned. For rental property owners seeking management services, a different service, G3 charges 12% of monthly rent. There are several better property management firms that charge 10%.

In particular; G3 is not delivering 50% of both advertised services on its web site & not performing 50% of specific duties listed in Association Management contract. Now G3 has not inspected or stepped on our condo property for 3+ years. Condo owner must inspect, write work orders, attend Board meetings & bring items up for 1-2 years before work is done.

Tracy Tankersley, HOA Manager, lacks usual college education & skills for Association Manager.Spring 2012 Tracy proceeded with contractor work, without any written bid, in violation of Association property management contract requirement.Tracy did not inspect work or visit property for 3+ years, paid bill & contractor failed to perform $1,000 of stated work, per Board meeting motion - work scope approval to be done. This is condo property owner's money as HOA assets. Owner Tricia Ostendorff did nothing to resolve the matter or any other contract violations, when brought to her attention.

Tracy repeatedly ignored & refused official books & records request for copy of contractor invoice & G3 check that paid contractor, in violation of SC law & CC&R/By-Laws. But violating CC&R & contracts is an every day deal for Goldsmith, done with haughty arrogance, self-righteous attitude, and indignation toward condo owners & sanctimonious illiterati.

Jan 2011, Tracy refused to place homeowners name on annual HOA election ballot, despite written nomination submitted & did not notify owner. Owner has paid monthly regime fee on time for 10 years. Illegal HOA election. HOA By-Laws violated.

At Board meetings, Tracy gives off point, deflective, disingenuous & intellectually dishonest answers to official agenda items that are required per CC&R & Mgt. contract, since she does not intend to perform services stipulated in property management contract. Wants to operate by Robert's Rules of order @ meetings, but only on selective basis that suits her desires, ignoring key provisions. "Make up the rules as you go along", aka, dictatorship. Acts if HOA assets are her money. Not, belongs to HOA condo owners. Never looks for cost savings, even when cited to her fails to pursue.

G3 Accounting report mistakes take 1-3 years to get corrected, despite being cited @ Board meetings. Slacker- G3 owner-Tricia Ostendorff does not care. "Old dog can't learn new tricks."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Homeowners Associations neighbourhoods and communities in the Upstate managed by G3/Goldsmith- 64. Rental properties are additional.1200 Pelham Y400 N. MainAscotAsheton Recreation CenterAshley OaksAvalonBaldwin Forest YBarrington Park YBent BrookBrighton-Carisbrooke NCardinal WoodsCarilionCauble CommonsCedar CoveClaremontCleveland PlaceClub CottagesCourt StreetCreeksideDavenport Condos YDover Town HomesEdwards CrossingEnclave @ Lexington PlaceForrester WoodsGreens @ Rocky CreekHammett CrossingHarbor OaksHeather Hills YHeritage Club Villas YHidden HarborHillsideKenwoodLaurel RidgeMcBee BookendMorningsideNorthparkOakhurstPark at Pendleton WestPlanter's Row YPointe HarborRevis FallsRidgeland at The ParkRiverhouseRiver PlaceRiverstone YSafe HarborScottswoodSitton CreekSparrows PointStonebridgeStonebrook FarmsSummersideTerrace @ River PlaceThe BrownstonesThe Enclave @ Lexington PlaceTownhomes @ Pendleton WestVerdmont YVineyards @ North MainViolaWarrentonWaterford ParkWaterford RidgeWenwoodWestwood Bay--------------------------------------------G3 Real Estate Services,LLC dba Goldsmith HOA Management, 451 Haywood Rd. Greenville,SC 29602. 864-297-4970 & 864-297-6207 fax is better than Norcon (the worst) & par performance in a league of often slacker local performers for condo management. G3 Bought Goldsmith in May 2008. TH Ostendorff is part owner of G3 Real Estate Services, LLC . Recent high turnover of property managers has resulted THO directly handling about 15 HOA Condo properties directly. Result is even less service than the former perfunctory level. Such a deal.Tricia Ostendorff (part owner) Failure to deliver offered services include:1. Never seeking any cost savings for the operational costs of running the HOA service contractors.2. Reluctant to obtain bids for competing contractors.3. Passive property management that fails to act in any proactive manner for getting upcoming maintenance scheduled, until owners complain.4. Does not perform physical property inspection but once per year, despite mgt contact stating once per month inspect property.5. Has an elitist attitude to owners that are not on board.6. Violates By-Laws, CC&R & SC law in refusing to allow owners to inspect books & records. SC law: ARTICLE 16. RECORDS AND REPORTS SUBARTICLE A. RECORDS SECTION 33-31-1601. (a) (e) and Section 33-31-1603(c), a member (of the HOA. All Owners are members.) is entitled to inspect and copy, any of the records of the corporation-5 day written notice.7. Threatens to raise mgt. fee when owners call for service status no more than once in 3 months for overdue work that was agreed to be done.8. Requires an attorney be used to file lien when regime fees are delinquent costing unit owner $250 extra. County Lien file fee is $10. Clerical help could visit court & file lien for $25 charge.9. Does produce concise accounting reports that are tiny text, hard to read, obsolete program & not user friendly.10. Fails to maintain proper contractor contracts & insurance documents.11. Seldom reviews service contracts. Fails to obtain signed contracts & keep on file.12. Been in Biz for 100+ years & unable to change paradigm. Stuck in the past.13. Has nice furniture in lobby.14. Not a member of the Better Business Bureau. Owner's daughter, Amy, works at company for years & has not obtained any industry certifications for property management.Writer has credit score of 809 & never made a late payment in 35 years.

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8/22/12 G3 Tricia Ostendorff & Tracy Tankersley now exluding Owners from attending BOD meetings, without warning, notice or cause, despite BBB complaint.


Review by Source has 2 segments in same post: First is Aug. 2012. Followed by 2008 review.

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